The Incredible Shrinking Bobby Jindal

Jindal rhymes with “dwindle.”

The returns are in and Bobby Jindal is widely viewed as (at best) taking a whiff in his at bat responding to the President’s address to Congress. He sounded like a 2nd grade Sunday school instructor, and his theme that “Americans can do anything” and that all we have to do is get government off our backs sounded just like George W. Bush in its realism and sophistication. He complained about legislative provisions that don’t exist (the supposed maglev train from Disneyland to Las Vegas) and ones the are probably meritorious (Governors of states dependent on hurricane warnings should not criticize money spent on Volcano warning).

His criticism of borrowing to stimulate the economy completely ignores the Keynesian argument that we would have even less GDP and a higher long-term debt without the stimulus. Doesn’t engage with reality. It’s Jindall that’s “irresponsible,” not Obama.

If “Americans can do anything,” then they should just produce energy at zero cost. Or travel in time back to 2004 and regulate credit swaps and mortgages. Then everything is solved. Good night.

This from the person regarded as a Republican “policy wonk.”

Jindal rhymes with “dwindle.”