The Huckabee attack ad

YouTube has a bad bootleg video.
$50 abortions, anyone?

Obviously, the point of Mike Huckabee’s latest stupid pet trick was to get the mass media to run for free the anti-Romney ad he so nobly declined to run. So far, no one has risen to the bait, which I suppose is appropriate but frustrating. I’d rather have Republicans telling the truth about one another than lying about Democrats.

The best I can find on line so far is this from YouTube. From what I can see, a fairly competent attack; the sting is at the end.

Footnote Only in a Republican primary would a candidate find it necessary to respond to the charge that he’d exercised too much clemency as Governor by pointing out that his opponent hadn’t executed anyone. Of course, Massachusetts doesn’t actually have the death penalty, but I suppose Romney could have just murdered a couple of murderers, or given the contract to Blackwater.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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