The House of Bush continues to serve the House of Saud

Am I the only one who thinks that the real significance of Bush Administration saber-rattling toward Syria is that there is now no hope that the war in Iraq was the prelude to getting serious with Saudi Arabia? I never thought there was much chance of this, but I know several people more hawkish than I who were confident that, once we had finished dealing with the folks who — nasty and dangerous as they were — had roughly no ties to al-Qaeda and no role in the 9-11 massacre, we would turn our attention to the country that provided most of the conspirators and most of the money. No such luck. (If you really get off on far-out conspiracy theories, take a look at this one. No, I don’t think I’m buying, either.)

Meanwhile, back in the courtroom, lawyers for the Saudi Defense Minister (who has retained James Baker’s law firm, one of whose former partners — George W. Bush’s personal lawyer — is now ambassador to Saudi Arabia) seem to be saying that if in fact he helped finance the 9-11 bombings he did so in his official capacity, and therefore can’t be sued. If Mike Isikoff is as tenacious about this story as he was about Bill Clinton’s love life, there’s a huge opportunity here for the right Democrat.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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