The higher a monkey climbs, the better you can see his …

… principles. The House GOP comes up with something so stupid even Glenn Reynolds is annoyed.

… principles.

The upside of November’s debacle at the polls is that it put Republicans in the House in a position where there lunacy became newsworthy. This is leading to a certain amount of buyer’s remorse among GOP supporters. Glenn ReynoldsGlenn Reynolds! – says, of the latest proposed invasion of privacy, “They call it the stupid party for a reason.”

Heh. Indeed.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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6 thoughts on “The higher a monkey climbs, the better you can see his …”

  1. Where's the "GET THE GUVMINT OUTA MY _________!" Tea Party when you need them?

    p.s. The GOP/Tea Party's lunacy has been news worthy all along. Now they are starting to get dangerous again. A crazy uncle screaming from the attic window is annoying. If he gets the car keys you've got a problem. We haven't even got the dents banged out from the last crash.

  2. Mark,

    You're giving Reynolds too much credit. He is just trying to burnish his glibertarian credentials through Internet worship. I doubt he has many problems with the Republicans' non-Internet lunacy.

  3. The academic Left's unwarranted optimism (the triumph of hope over accurate observation) is perhaps the Right's greatest asset going into 2012.

    Only the Obama people seem to ccomprehend what is going on. That is why they have been making noises that attempt to co-opt the Right's positions (without actually providing substantive policy along those lines) and why the re-elect program is off to such an early and frantic start. They know the Right is about as united as it ever gets and highly energized. Just waiting for a candidate to emerge, and there's no rush on that.

  4. Where’s the “GET THE GUVMINT OUTA MY _________!” Tea Party when you need them?

    Just offstage…

    Waiting for a stage whisper from Murdoch or the Kochs.

    By the way did you read about the protest of the Kochs?

    1000 gathered and shouted. And that's a start.

    My suggestion is if the law allows it, going forward, the 1000 should strap on guns too.

    It makes for a better show. Just ask Murdoch…

  5. @koreyel:

    I like your gun-totin' suggestion. But it shouldn't be used to intimidate; it should be used to ridicule. I would suggest pink holsters, right over the crotch. Let the heads of the small-penis crowd explode, for once. (Did I say "heads"?)

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