The GWB pin-up calendar:
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The American people deserve to have this campaign run on the issues. Of course character matters, but that doesn’t give either side a license for mean-spirited personal denigration or mockery of the other’s candidate. And there’s nothing more vulgar — or sexist, if you think about it — than impugning a man’s andreia by portraying him as feminine.

If, for example, someone were to create a side-splittingly, hysterically funny slideshow of George W. Bush’s head Photoshopped onto the bodies of various scantily clad and seductively posed young women, it would be wrong for me, as a Kerry partisan, to link to it, as I’m now doing, or for you to —

Hey! Stop that! That’s not funny!

Really, now. Aren’t you ashemed of yourself?

Myself, I’m taking no responsibility. Blame it on Bird Dog.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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