The delegate count

The Obama camp reports that HRC only picked up 4 delegates net last night. Not very impressive.

According to the Obama website, the delegate count for yesterday was:

Clinton 187

Obama 183

[The details, as best I can make them out:

Clinton gains 8 in Ohio, 4 in Rhode Island, 2 in the Texas primary.

Obama gains 7 in the Texas caucuses, 3 in Vermont.]

A net pickup of four delegates on what was supposed to be Clinton’s “firewall” day? Not very impressive. On current form, Obama will more than make up for that in Mississippi alone. It means that the percentage of the remaining delegates Clinton needs to take just went up, not down.

Obviously, the “kitchen sink” attacks worked, and Obama needs to figure out how to respond. But while Clinton managed to stay alive last night, she didn’t get any closer to her goal.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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