The definitive “McCain is Bush III” video

Did you know that McCain’s Senate record of support for Bush had risen every year since 2005, and that the figure for 2008 is 100%?

If swing voters think that voting for McCain means voting for four more years of GWB, Obama wins this in a landslide. If anyone knows a better video on that theme than this one, please let me hear about it. In the mean time, this will do nicely, thanks.

It never would have occurred to me to graph McCain’s voting-with-Bush percentage against time. And I didn’t know that the number for 2008 was … 100%.

Maybe MoveOn or the AFL-CIO or even the DNC could pick it up and run it on TV? Could use slightly better production values, and I’d rewrite the last line, but those are easy fixes. The concept is exactly right.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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