The Dean scream

Never believe anything anyone tells you.

That’s all I can conclude from having (belatedly) actually watched the Howard Dean post- Iowa “scream” speech that so devastated his campaign.

No one will ever confuse me with a Dean supporter; he would have been my fifth choice as the nominee, after Clark, Graham, Edwards, and Kerry.

But watch the damned thing for yourself and tell me if you can see the angry, ranting Dean everyone has been describing and joking about. It’s a pure pep-rally speech: not a form of oratory I especially admire, but not a scandal, either.

Dean doesn’t seem a bit angry: the message is one of passionate conviction that he’s going to win. He’s smiling. He doesn’t have a harsh word for anyone.

I can think of six good reasons why Howard Dean shouldn’t be the Democratic nominee, but this is just silly. What the hell is the issue here?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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