3 thoughts on “The Dangers of Unrestricted Immigration”

    1. There are worse things than getting slammed for making a bad joke by people with no sense of humor. As an example, some people are triggered by people affronted by harmless (in their view) jokes. Some people are even triggered by imagining a bad reaction to joke; just as triggered as if an affronted person had actually come forward with criticism.

      I guess one thing even worse than getting triggered by an imagined aggrieved reaction to a “harmless” joke would be being denied the opportunity to vote because the state-assigned address on your state-supplied ID is not acceptable ID for voting. “Well then, what is acceptable ID?” you might ask. I don’t know the answer, but it might well be funny, if not funny “hah-hah.”

    2. I don’t think that the post is a joke. It is literally true; can a literally true statement be a joke? It is an irony rather than a joke that the words “immigrants” and “those who were already in this country” are not used to refer to those to whom they are usually used to refer.

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