The Gweilo Diaries, a Hongkong-based blog, offers the following tidbit from a John Ashcroft speech there:

Noting the multi-jurisdictional reach of al Qaeda, Ashcroft observed that the September 11 terrorists were recruited in Germany, received general training in Afghanistan, received operational training in Florida, assembled and initiated their mission in New England, struck New York and Washington, and received financing “from the capital city of another country.”

Conrad, the Gweilo Diarist, follows with some commentary of his own.

Let me offer my echo here: is the House of Bush so in thrall to the House of Saud that Mr. Ashcroft isn’t even allowed to say the words “Riyadh” or “Saudi Arabia” in connection with terrorism?

(Thanks to the Instapundit for the link.)

Author: Mark Kleiman

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