The Calpundit Pulls it Together

Kevin Drum has a single post [*] bringing together all the evidence that Valerie Plame was in fact working under deep cover in an operational capacity for the CIA. Anyone who still expresses doubt about that fact, or has expressed doubts in the past and doesn’t now take it back, should be presumed a scoundrel or a fool.

Kevin also points [*] to what may be the most outrageous editorial ever published in the Wall Street Journal, which is saying a lot. The Journal’s editors apparently believe that because Joseph Wilson opposed Bush Administration policy, his wife deserved to have her career wrecked and the people she recruited as “assets” put in mortal danger.

I keep hearing about how we should keep all this within the limits of civil discourse. Ten dollars to anyone who can come up with something to say about the morals of whoever wrote that editorial that is both civil and adequate to the offense that person committed.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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