The Bush Social Insecurity Plan

I proclaim the new official name of the Bush plan.

Opponents of the plan to destroy Social Security need to give it a label. As long as it keeps being called “Social Security reform,” it’s a winner. “Privatization” is a more accurate label, with a pretty negative connotation. But I’ve been hoping for something better.

Nick Burbules of Progressive Blog Digest says that BushCo is trying to replace “Social Security” with “Social Risk.” That’s good, I think, but not very catchy.

But “Social Insecurity” might work. It’s accurate, it’s catchy, and it makes the point that needs to be made. Yes, the DNC tried it last time and it never really caught on, but that was before the issue started to dominate the headlines.

So, by the authority never vested in me, I hereby proclaim that the official Democratic label for the Bush Social Security plan is “Social Insecurity.”

It is so ordered.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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