Ten million

The number of Americans who have signed up for private health policies on the ACA exchanges passes 10 million.

Remember when the first million signups to health plans under ACA was news? I do, because I blogged it in November 2013. (Checked later and confirmed here.)

How things have changed. Charles Gaba, last Wednesday:

With today’s HC.gov & NY State of Health updates, total QHPs [qualified private health plans] have OFFICIALLY broken 10M nationally.

Gaba’s estimate for the additional increase to date in ACA-enabled coverage under Medicaid and CHIP (including bulk transfers from state programmes) is 13.16m, a number which is sensitive to definitions.

If the Supreme Court reactionaries uphold the crackpot challenge in King v. Burwell to the subsidies on the federal backstop exchange, they will be breaking a large second-best reform that, after enormous effort and in the teeth of systematic vilification and obstruction, actually works.

[Update: my link for crackpottiness only covers the legal arguments. Meet the plaintiffs of record.]

Author: James Wimberley

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