Ted Strickland on Romney

“If Mitt was Santa Claus,
he’d fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.”

“If Mitt was Santa Claus,
he’d fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.”

I didn’t catch the speech. Maybe Andrew Sullivan is right that Strickland hit the class issue too hard. But Strickland wasn’t speaking to ObamaCons; he was speaking to the white working class, and specifically to Ohio. And is it such a bad idea to call out the class-war aggressors?

Anyway, that was a great line. And it wasn’t alone. Judge for yourself:

h/t Ed Kilgore

Author: Mark Kleiman

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10 thoughts on “Ted Strickland on Romney”

  1. So Suly haz a sad because a partisan said something partisan at a political convention?

    He shows the bumper sticker is true: “They only call it class war when we fight back.”

  2. I have yet to see Sullivan be 100% “right” about anything. He’s classically how Lyndon Johnson described Nixon: as a mexican racehorse who would run a beautiful first four furlongs of a six-furlong race only to then attempt to run the last two furlongs backward. I learned to distrust his notions and his logic in The New Republic years ago. And he’s still the same.

  3. If memory serves, Strickland holds a Ph.D. in psychology. He probably has taken a gander at the scientific literature on persuasion and attitude change.

  4. “Maybe Andrew Sullivan is right.” If he is, I’m playing the lottery today. More likely, he’s defending his class privilege, just as he defends his sexual orientation. One part breaks conservative, one liberal, so he’s seen as serious. He isn’t.

  5. Sullivan is just obsessed with class warfare – in the same way as he is obsessed with justifying scientific racism. There’s no reason to take him seriously on any topic – and especially not on politics.

  6. Governor Strickland has a Master of Divinity degree and once served as a Methodist pastor. The reference to the Sermon on the Mount was, I think, quite effective.

    It is a pity that more Democrats are not conversant in Biblical references. The Republican Party talks of God and walks with Mammon. (Mitt Romney is especially vulnerable on that score.) Apparently, they fail to comprehend Jesus’ message that His Kingdom is not of this Earth. They are also slow on the uptake regarding a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

  7. I liked Strickland’s speech. I particularly liked his point about Mitt’s money needing a passport – Summering as it does on the beach in the Caymans and Wintering on the slopes of the Swiss Alps.

    Besides, is it class warfare to point out that patriotism can take an economic form? We’ve suffered this bloody excuse too long – that as long as one is in business ANYTHING GOES as long as it serves to maximize shareholder value. Every person holds life, especially one’s own life, precious. Yet our history books are filled with those who risked and in many cases gave their lives for a larger purpose. We rightfully honor them as patriots. Why then is is so alien to the Republican mindset that one might have some scruples when it comes to making money? And why is it wrong to expect that our President have shown by past behavior that he/she has held the country’s best interests at heart in business matters?

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