Tancredo to run for Colo. gov. as independent

… thus almost certainly handing the governor’s office to the Democrats on a platter. I won’t deny that the loony nativist/racist/socialcon axis has brought some energy to the GOP, but that wing also brings with it a lot of heartache, as the Democrats found with the Dixiecrats. On balance, I’m glad to see those folks on the other side. As Churchill said when Italy joined the Axis in 1940: “Fair enough. We had them the last war.”

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on “Tancredo to run for Colo. gov. as independent”

  1. I suspect you're mistaken about heartache–for liberal Democrats, being in the same party as Dixiecrats might have been a heartache based on the necessary compromise, at the time. But, at the time, also, Republicans were more willing to be bipartisan and side with either part of the Democratic Party on many issues. Once the Dixiecrats moved over to the Republican side, all pretense of bipartisanship ended and, with it, the heartache. The Right welcomes the crazies into the fold because it thinks it can control them–well, at least, they thought so until this year. Now the lunatics are running the asylum, so who's got the heartache? It's like Germans who thought they could use Hitler and his thugs to get rid of the Communists and then control them. Once they allowed them into power, it was too late. In this country, it may not be too late even if the loonies take over for a while, but they can still do a hell lot of damage. And the Right will not even blink. Heartache? Really?

  2. Wish Tancredo had run for the Senate. The two Republicans are falling over themselves to see who can suck up to the Tea Party better. Ken Buck, the slightly more right-wing candidate in the primary, was recorded over the weekend referring to the birthers among the Tea Partiers as dumbasses. I thought at first that I would have to respect him a little bit, but then he came out with a humble apology and said it was all a mistake. Jane Norton, his opponent, was extremely offended on behalf of the birthers, and thought that Ken Buck should apologize more abjectly. Meanwhile, a local news anchor, in reporting the story, said that Ken Buck had used "a swear word" to refer to the birthers. "Dumbass" isn't a swear word, numbnuts!

    The problem is that while the Democrat Hickenlooper is likely to win even without Tancredo in the race (the two Republicans having self-destructed shortly before the primary), the Senate race seems less certain. It would have done a world of good for Tancredo to have entered the Senate race on a promise to vote to convict Obama on an impeachment trial.

    FWIW, the Tea Party has asked Tancredo not to enter the race for governor. But Tancredo issued an ultimatum to the two Republicans in the primary to drop out of the race, and they did not obey; what was Tancredo supposed to do?

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