Taking a break

I am leaving tomorrow with my boys (ages 15 and 11) and my dad for a 2 week trip to Sequoia, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks and then some time in San Francisco. Planning to go fairly far off the grid….my blogging will pick back up around August 1 (though I have been slack this week in as well). If you have great trip suggestions, find me on twitter @donaldhtaylorjr

Also, I will violate my hiatus and blog from Half Dome via my droid if the Republicans actually come up with a replace bill for the Affordable Care Act…..so, see you in August.


Author: Don Taylor

Don Taylor is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at Duke University, where his teaching and research focuses on health policy, with a focus on Medicare generally, and on hospice and palliative care, specifically. He increasingly works at the intersection of health policy and the federal budget. Past research topics have included health workforce and the economics of smoking. He began blogging in June 2009 and wrote columns on health reform for the Raleigh, (N.C.) News and Observer. He blogged at The Incidental Economist from March 2011 to March 2012. He is the author of a book, Balancing the Budget is a Progressive Priority that will be published by Springer in May 2012.

5 thoughts on “Taking a break”

  1. http://www.silberstudios.tv/videos/photography-lesson-moon-and-half-dome-by-ansel-adams-video-sponsored-by-sandisk/

    That is a short narration by Ansel Adams’ son about how his dad took that famous photo of the moon over Half Dome. There is a slight error in the narration–the moon was almost, but not completely, full. Unfortunately, the moon is waning now, and it will be gone (i.e., new moon) on July 18, but if you can arrange your schedule to get to Half Dome close to the end of your vacation (i.e, near the end of July), you will have a chance to reproduce the famous photo.

  2. I have had trips where we accidentally forgot various chargers, like for DSs, which meant more interaction with the youngsters. You might try that. But keep the mobile phone ones! Have fun!

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