Did Desert Fox work?

Everyone, including me (*), wants to know what happened to Saddam Hussein’s WMD programs. We’re pretty sure he had them, but we haven’t found anything yet. Yes, Iraq is a big place to search, but we’re obviously willing to pay good money for good information; by now someone should have pointed us the way. Digby (*) points to a suggestion by Wesley Clark: maybe the airstrikes ordered by Clinton in 1998 — the ones the Republicans dismissed as an attempt to change the subject from Monica Lewinsky’s dry-cleaning bills — actually worked.

Hey! Maybe somebody here does

You play it like this.

John Edwards, alone among Democrats, seems to grasp the plain fact that, deep down, this is still a Puritan country, and people prefer their political arguments dressed up as sermonettes. I still think 2004 is a year for a candidate who can outflank Bush on national security, which means Graham or Clark. But whoever runs needs to be able to sound the note Edwards sounds.

Thanks to Tapped for the pointer.