Weekend Film Recommendation: Lola Rennt [Run Lola Run]

In this week’s movie recommendation, Tom Tykwer’s independent German film Lola Rennt [Run Lola Run], you’re corralled through one of the most frenetic and high-octane interpretations of the butterfly effect conceit ever put to the screen.

The story begins with Lola, a fiery red-headed woman played by Franka Potente, receiving a phone call from her distraught lover Manni (played by Moritz Bleibtreu). Manni has botched an assignment that he hoped would initiate him into Berlin’s organized crime gang headed by Ronnie (played by Heino Ferch). In particular, Manni has misplaced a bag that was filled with 100,000 of Ronnie’s Deutsch Marks, and he has to produce the delivery in twenty minutes else he’s a dead man. Can Lola save the day? Continue reading “Weekend Film Recommendation: Lola Rennt [Run Lola Run]”