Richard Dawkins, God’s Secret Agent

Richard Dawkins’ atheist fundamentalism drives some people to become religious

Matthew Norman, tongue-only-partly-in-cheek, advances a conspiracy theory: Uber-atheist Richard Dawkins is actually working for “Big Religa”:

I write as one who became a devout atheist at the age of nine, and has encountered nothing since — with the two exceptions of the globe artichoke and the mango — that hints at the work of an intelligent super-being. And yet whenever I hear Dawkins on the car radio, spluttering lividly at the stupidity of those who cannot see the truth as clearly as he does, the instinct is to do a handbrake turn and drive like a maniac to the nearest church, synagogue, temple or mosque. He preaches so conceitedly, and with such poisonously illiberal scorn for those who follow the great faiths, that I want to worship alongside every one of them…Dawkins is more repressively dogmatic than the Ayatollahs.