The Conservative case for the Affordable Care Act

is the title of an op-ed in the New York Times by J.D. Kleinke of the American Enterprise Institute. If you have read my blogging or my book, you will know that I basically agree with him–the political rhetoric around Obamacare never matched the policy reality.

Some predictable push back from Jim Capretta, and Michael Cannon. I like both of these guys personally, and think they have some good thoughts and ideas. However, the opposition to Obamacare, driven in part by them, has always been oversold on policy terms and has been mostly about politics. What would be useful would be for them to be clearer about what they would do instead. In fairness, Jim Capretta has written a fairly complete vision of what a replace of Obamacare would look like, and Michael and colleagues at Cato have an ebook on reform options.

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