“PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe.”
Only there was no alteration, and no gaffe.
And no retraction from any of the Red bloggers who spread the misinformation, even after it was corrected.

PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe. 

All of the usual Red Blogistan outlets – Instapundit, Malkin, Hot Air, Human Events, even the usually sane Jonathan Adler at the usually sane Volokh Conspiracy – were all over the story like a cheap suit, and Memeorandum headlined it.

Only, there wasn’t any altered transcript:  the NPR story was the text as prepared, while the supposed “gaffe” was in the speech as delivered.

And there wasn’t any “gaffe,” either: Obama referred to Lincoln as “founder of the Republican party.” Perfectly conventional, and historically defensible: Lincoln was a leader of the outcry about the Kansas-Nebraska act that led to the formation of the Republican party, and led the Clay Whigs out of the dying Whig Party and into coalition with the Free Soilers under the Republican banner. The meeting at Ripon where the word “Republican” was first used didn’t found a national party: there was no national Republican convention until 1856. Lincoln was the headliner at the Decatur meeting that organized the Illinois Republicans, and headed the slate of Fremont electors in Illinois in that year.

OK. This sort of thing can happen, especially if you’re not very bright, very trapped in your echo chamber, and conspiratorially minded. But what’s striking – and a contrast to the way things are handled in Blue Blogistan – not a single one of the Red bloggers taken in by this nonsense has manned up and retracted. Not one.

You might almost think they didn’t mind spreading a little bit of misinformation in a bad cause.