Glenn Loury joins the RBC

Welcome to our newest blogging colleague.

Sometimes, my good luck amazes me. How likely is it that I would catch four breaks in a row?

  1. I get to count someone as brilliant, eloquent, creative, and intellectually serious as Glenn Loury as my colleague and friend.
  2. I learn from Glenn that he’s been posting his political thoughts on his Facebook page.
  3. Glenn’s son convinces him that Facebook is “a suboptimal blogging platform.”
  4. I convince him that the RBC is a more nearly optimal blogging platform.

Anyway, all of that happened: due, no doubt, to some astoundingly virtuous action I took in a past life.  So, as of today, my good luck is yours as well, since you’ll have access to Glenn’s wisdom right on this page. Starting off with a bang, see above for his thoughts on the Ta-Nehisi Coates/Bernie Sanders fracas over reparations.

For those among you who haven’t encounted Glenn’s work, it often puts me in mind of an adage I learned from Edwin Land: the truth of a polarized debate often lies not somewhere along the polarity, but at right angles to it. Glenn is about the most orthogonal thinker I know.