Secretary Kerry and that girly bike

Governor Jindal apparently dislikes Secretary Kerry’s transportation choices:

Yes we have another expression of that tired juvenile conservative trope that liberal men are wimp-metrosexuals* who fail to live out our apparently God-given gender roles.

There is nothing wrong with being a wimp (I happen to be one) or with being a metrosexual. But it’s a little weird here. Once you’re a highly-decorated war hero who’s chased down and killed a rocket-launcher-wielding soldier of the Viet Cong, you’re kindof entitled to ride whatever bike you want, girly- or otherwise, without fear of being macho-splained by Bobby Jindal. (Below the fold is the citation for Kerry’s Silver Star.)


*Trope not intended to describe Barack Obama, LeBron James, and other liberals who are filed under an alternative entry.

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