The Pope thinks that women should do what men tell them to do.

Josef Ratzinger – formerly the Grand Inquisitor Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – thinks that women ought to do what men tell them to do.

Or maybe it’s just that nuns, as unmarried women, tend to be Democrats, and Pope B-16 Bingo! is committed to making the Catholic Church an organ of the Republican Party.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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9 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. committed to making the Catholic Church an organ of the Republican Party.

    Does this mean we have to kick the Klan out? Or will they make peace, like they did with the Jewish Zionist lobby?

  2. And to think that some people thought that The Devil Wears Prada was just a novel….

    Why is it that frothing bigots these days are all called Benny and obviously mad? Benny Pope is declaring war on nuns and Benny Netanyahu wants to start the latest world war with Iran without a shred of convincing evidence.

  3. This could get very ugly. What a bunch of bullies. They will probably go too far and have to walk it back. It’s embarrassing. You really don’t want to come down to hard on the people who do most of the actual work.

  4. No doubt the Sisters will be required to attend a re education camp to make sure they are properly purged of their idolotrous and evil thoughts.

    1. Well, now that the current Archbishop Of Seattle has been tasked with bringing the too-liberal Nuns to heel, it’s worth remembering that a previous Archbishop Of Seattle is still locked up in a Montana monastery, after more than a quarter-century, sent there for the crimes of hating murderous regimes in Central America too well and not hating Gay folks well enough to suit John Paul II’s Chief Inquisitor Josef Ratzinger.

  5. The real question here is about property. Nuns and lay women do a huge chunk of the actual work of the catholic church in ministering to people, but they have no control over the church’s property. (iirc there was a piece in the LA Times about nuns being made homeless because the local bishop was selling the house they lived in to help pay child-abuse judgements — about as perfect a justaposition, sadly, as you could ask.)

  6. It’s a pity that Ratzinger won’t get a ruler across the knuckles over this.

  7. There was just a formal two year Catholic survey of the assets of all of the associations of nuns in the US. The Pope is just getting ready to seize all of their billions of cash that they tuck away in “building” accounts or investments for the long term poor (meaning slum lords) and that the innocent sounding “indigent reserve fund” which is never utilized but just keeps growing.

    Popes have a long and complete history of seizing the assets of any organization within the church that is rich .

    The Pope is simply preparing to rob the nuns.

  8. I doubt whether Ratzinger is that interested in America, except to the extent that cultural trends surface first in rich couhntries. He’s a fully globalised reactionary.

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