Sure, GWB is stark raving mad …

… but not crazy enough to be as pleased as Red Blogistan with the bungled hanging of Saddam Hussein. He thinks it ranks just below Abu Ghraib as a mistake.

… but he’s not as crazy as his wingnut supporters in Red Blogistan. You know, the ones that we so delighted about the hanging of Saddam Hussein? (Instapundit has some links, and an extensive, gloating quote from Austin Bay; Pajamas Media has more. NRO, check. Powerline, check.

Mr. Bush disagrees:

“I asked the president if he had seen the execution video of Saddam Hussein,” Brian Williams, the NBC News anchor, said on the “Nightly News.” “He indicated that he had and said in his view the way it was handled ranked just below the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in terms of mistakes made thus far in the war.”

If the wingnutosphere were capable of embarrassment, this would be terribly embarrassing. But don’t worry: they aren’t.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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