Sue Lowden’s fuster-cluck

A Republican consultant in Nevada thinks that Sue Lowden is in a hole on “chickens for checkups” and needs to stop digging.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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7 thoughts on “Sue Lowden’s fuster-cluck”

  1. And besides being a clever pun, you can use fuster-cluck as campaign literature and on the news. A win-win-win for the environment.

  2. Provided, Dan, that you are not prone to Spoonerisms. There was a program called the Tuck-Fortney report many years ago that required similar care in enunciation.

  3. I thought of that Ed, but the risk of such a miscue might cause viewers to come back and watch the news…slimmer chances have been acted upon.

  4. All I know is this: If Harry Reid cannot defeat this Yahoo he will deserve his K Street sinecure.

  5. But, KLG, as the Obama impersonator said on Saturday Night Live about the losing candidate in the Mass. Senate race, she couldn't beat Dick Cheney for mayor of Berkeley. If that is true of Reid also, then we may have a brand new Yahoo in the Senate real soon.

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