Berlusconi, Blair, and Bush are the three remaining holdouts. Everyone else seems to have figured out that the center-left won the Italian elections and should be allowed to form a government.

The head of the Northern League, one of the three major players in the Berlusconi coalition, says Berlusconi lost and the center-left under Prodi should be allowed to form a government.

The President of Italy has rejected Berlusconi’s demand for the recount of a million votes.

The recount of the disputed ballots is providing gains for both sides, and no evidence of widespread fraud.

The conservative governments of France and Germany have joined Spain and the EU in extending congratulations to the apparent winners.

The only remaining holdouts against reality seem to be the three B’s: Berlusconi himself, who charges that his own government was responsible for major electoral fraud visible to no one else, Tony Blair, and George W. Bush.

Personally, I preferred Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. A report in today's Toronto Globe&Mail noted that the Italian electoral system has tight controls, and a spokesman representing the Unione stated that "this isn't a Florida situation…". A remark for which I give him a DOUBLE FAB!

  2. I understand there is no truth to the rumor that Bush is dispatching Judges Scalia and Thomas on temporary duty to the Italian Supreme Court, with Mark Racicot going along as Berlusconi's attorney.

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