Straws in the political wind

Three scattered pieces of data suggesting that conservatives are getting less interested in politics and liberals more interested.

Robert Frank, whose argument that tax cuts for the rich aren’t even good for the rich I linked to a couple of days ago, writes:

Here’s some weak evidence that we’re at or near an anti-Bush tipping point: When I’ve written anti-tax-cut columns in the past, I usually get a pretty strong balance of hate mail over friendly mail. The reaction to today’s column has been the reverse.

A reporter friend notes that now show Blue the Truth Laid Bear traffic countsBlogistan dominant over Red Blogistan, though the reverse is still true of the links rankings. I’ve also heard that right-wing talk radio audiences are slipping. All this is consistent with the theory that the string of events starting with the Schiavo affair and continuing with Iraq, Katrina, Abramoff, Miers, and the Plame affair has demoralized and demobilized Bush’s fans and done the opposite for his foes. I hope that turns out to be true when it’s time to write checks and make phone calls.

Which reminds me: What campaign checks have you written recently? Remember dear Emily: Early Money Is Like Yeast.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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