Strange bedfellows

Glenn Reynolds ought to be embarrassed to be quoting Larry Johnson.
And Larry Johnson ought to be embarrassed to be quoted by Glenn Reynolds.

Note to Glenn Reynolds:

Isn’t there something wrong when you start retailing stuff from Larry Johnson, talking about a videotape he admits he’s never actually seen, and that his purported sources have never seen, but which he asserts friends of his friends have seen? Especially when David Weigel of Reason has already demonstrated that Johnson can’t keep his story straight from one day to the next?

Note to Larry Johnson:

Isn’t there something wrong when your stuff starts getting picked up by Glenn Reynolds, who hates Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson and thinks the concern about the White House actions “outing” her was nothing but a Democratic plot to embarrass George W. Bush, that great patriot?

Note to Glenn Reynolds and Larry Johnson:

You’d better hope the videotape of the two of you doing a threesome with a nanny goat doesn’t come out before the election. And I note that neither of you has flatly denied the existence of that tape. And Rand Simberg hasn’t denied he was there to apply the Vaseline, either.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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