Stem cell politics

Corzine runs an ad that could have won the White House for John Kerry. 2008 candidate, please copy.

There’s not a word in this Corzine ad that couldn’t have been used by John Kerry against George W. Bush last year.

If his advisors had had the wit and the guts to make such an ad and run it heavily, or if any of the independent expenditure groups had done the same, Kerry would probably be President now. Since it’s virtually inevitable that the Republicans will nominate an anti-stem-cell-research Presidential candidate in 2008, our next candidate will very likely have the same opportunity.

Stem cell research is a huge winner for liberals: easily the best way to make the Republicans pay for the support they get from the Religious Right. The entire rest of the Republican coalition — big business, libertarians, suburban moderates — is on the right side on this one, and it’s an issue that hits at the gut level.

Any Democrat who can’t figure that out doesn’t deserve to be President, and probably won’t be.

Hat tip: Kos.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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