Stay classy, teabaggers!

Young blonde teenager carrying a printed sign:
“Bury Obamacare with Kennedy.”

George Stephanopoulos has another teabag photo.

Note: (1)  It’s a printed sign, not a home-made job; (2) Someone gave it to a child to carry.


Update The signs were printed up by the anti-abortion American Life League.  Amanda Marcotte decodes the sign:  the head of the ALL is angry that Kennedy was given a Catholic funeral despite his pro-choice voting record.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on “Stay classy, teabaggers!”

  1. Thanks for the pic. And to all the nutjobs out there, thank you as well. Without stuff like this I might not be motivated enough to get on the phone and call on my Congressional Reps to support reform.

  2. I just saw a woman holding the same sign on TV news here in europe. On top of it all it's getting downright embarrassing. Just when the shame of being from USA is starting to fade these louts have to go waving their ugly asses for all to see.

  3. Update: A minute ago I saw a big hand made job. Next to a photo of M.L.King "He had a dream" below that a photo of Obama and "We got a nightmare"

    Pretty soon the hoods and burning crosses will be out.

    Reminds me of the time I met the "Grand Wizard" of the Maryland KKK. He explained to me that the Klan was not a racist organisation. I didn't argue with him. I just told him I wasn't interested in doing business with his club. He politely said he understood. But make no mistake, those creatures are still with us and mostly they try to sound resonable.

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