6 thoughts on “Stay classy, San Antonio”

  1. Well, GWB does provide a heartwarming story of what high-powered jobs you can reach if you have the right motivation, friends and last name. Sounds inspirational to me.

  2. Is this seminar some kind of odd scam? "$19 for your entire office" won't go far toward refilling Terry Bradshaw's coffers (let alone GWB's) regardless of stadium size.

  3. Finn, you are absolutely right: it's a day-long infomercial for get-rich-quick crap of all kinds, and they charge the get-rich-quick scam sellers a small fortune per attendee.

    Also, your whole office is wasting a day's work, obviously. I think they should have a "buy tickets anonymously for your competitors' employees" sort of deal, but let's not give them ideas.

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