Statehood for DC?

Could happen, if in fact the population trends move the District away from a black majority.

I’d about given up on it. Marion Barry was just too heavy a burden. But if in fact population trends are pushing DC way from being majority-black, I don’t think the purely partisan support for maintaining taxation without representation, stripped of the assist from racial prejudice, will be enough.

As far as I’m concerned, almost anything that helps reduce the over-influence of rural areas through the malapportionment of the Senate ought to be supported. Since we can’t eliminate Wyoming’s two Senators, let’s create two for DC to cancel out their votes.

Footnote: In a bonus for Democrats, the African-Americans displaced from DC are moving to Maryland, where they help cement the Democratic majority, and to Virginia, which is becoming less red and more purple every year.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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