Staring contest

If the GOP wants to stall the Senate, Harry Reid will bring it back after Christmas. You go, Harry!

Let’s hope Harry Reid doesn’t blink. I’m just sorry he didn’t decide to try similar aggressive tactics before the elections; some evidence that Democrats in Washington were prepared to go to the mat for their beliefs might have mobilized a few more voters. As it is, I’m beginning to look forward to the next couple of years, which should be full of amusement as the relatively sane and Teahadist wings of the GOP confront each another, and reality.

Of course, when Jon Kyl (R-Asininity) says it’s “impossible” to get through Reid’s agenda, he doesn’t mean that it’s impossible in fact, only that he and his friends mean to make it impossible. And I’m happy to let the country judge which side is “disrespecting” (can’t you just see Kyl in hip-hop gear?) the Senate and the Christmas season.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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6 thoughts on “Staring contest”

  1. Remember the speed reading guy they were talking about hiring to read another bill the GOPers wanted to slow walk to death? That guy would probably buzz through the thing in two hours.

  2. I wonder if richy-rich boy Kyl realizes how many people have to go back to work the next business day after Christmas? That that is normal for the population as a whole? Probably not. He, like the class of kleptoparasitic billionaires he represents, have no idea what it means to work for a living. This country is just begging for a class warfare. I say: Let the riots begin…

  3. Lucky you, I'm certainly going to be working the 27th. Normally I'd take it off, but I used up all my vacation days for chemo sessions, after I ran out of sick days.

    OTOH, my boss let me take the 23rd off; Said that if I was going to see THAT many doctors on that day, I might as well not come in… 😉

  4. Anyway, given the damage members of Congress can do when actually at work, a day off for them is a PLUS for the nation. Let them take all the vacations they want, it's the days they insist on working that worry me…

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