Speaking of Clinton Derangement Syndrome …

… “Re-Defeat Communism” with a picture of Hillary Clinton? WTF?

… I’m hardly a fan of HRC myself, but enough is enough already.

Remember the elaborate fuss Red Blogistan kicked up when a contestant in a MoveOn TV-spot contest called GWB a Nazi?

Well, this ad, featuring the an Ann Coulter wannabe even more unpleasant-looking than Ann Coulter,


has been running persistently on TownHall.com.

Now since it’s an article of faith among the wingnuts that Communism is just as bad as Naziism, I fail to see the difference, other than accuracy. After all, Bush does believe in torture, the Big Lie, the Leader Principle as a legal doctrine, and the superiority of passionate conviction to rational thought. That doesn’t make him guilty of genocide, but it makes the comparison to Hitler merely far-fetched rather than utterly baseless. HRC, by contrast, does not believe in torture, state ownership of the means of production, “democratic centralism,” or one-party rule, so unless you believe that any departure from laisser-faire constitutes “Communism,” the charge isn’t even a good caricature.

It’s not that I expect any of the people now calling themselves “conservatives” to mind. But remember this the next time you hear about “civility” from the right.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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