Some good advice about Fallujah

Kos makes it clear which side he’s on: ours. And offers good advice about Fallujah in the process

Kos has some acute reflections on Fallujah and what to do about it now. He’s actually more optimistic than I am, asserting that what he calls the lynch mob was a small group without mass support. (Whether his knowledge is any better than mine — it well might be — I don’t know.)

The post should dispose of any doubts harbored — for example, by the undersigned — about which side Kos is on in the current struggle in Iraq. It’s written entirely from the viewpoint of someone eager to see his country succeed, and gives what I think is good advice toward that end.

It appears that I misconstrued Kos’s hostility to contract fighters as hostility toward the U.S. cause in Iraq, and in the process raised unjustified doubts about Kos’s patriotism. My bad.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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