Soliciting your advice

It’s rare that one has access to as much collective wisdom as is found here at the RBC. If you have any advice for me, please be so kind as to deposit a note herein:

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 21.02.27

(Image h/t: Reddit)

Please be kind. I don’t think I could Handel the mental Strauss — or my composer, for that matter — if you all were mean. Lay Orff the unnecessary personal attacks.

21 thoughts on “Soliciting your advice”

      1. Speaking of messiaen (getting down in the mud…)

        I don’t think you people should Beethoven your puns, at least not in public.

  1. You need to relax. Eat a nice dessert, or maybe get some exercise.

    Have some mousse, or go ski.

  2. No time to comment on this now, but don’t worry, for as Scharzenegger said “I’ll be Bach”.

  3. I’d love to make a Beethoven joke, but I can’t here.

    (stolen from the Reddit thread linked above)

    1. To be Franck, it sounds like you’re rushed off your feet; I insist you go re Couperin bed, and I will Bruckner refusal. Go Borodin under the covers, and Donizetti alarm clock. Otherwise, you might get Des Prez‘d. Then, take a day off – wander through the Mahler something.

      Unless economic pressures won’t let you – for example, if you’re living Hindemith.

      1. So many Weisscracks. Don’t you get writer’s Bloch? Ibert you had some inspiration. Also, some of those were cheesy, so you get the Korngold award. Now, I Pärt.

  4. Warren Terra has been relentless in this comment thread. And it Berlioz acceptable to begin with.

  5. You Janacek this thread more often? If we Telemann (you) how to conduct himself, do not dismiss our well-intentioned guidance as besotted Bartok. What sort of a Goun(od) Offenbachs the counsel of his/her friends?

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