Short hop?

If my arithmetic is right, Kerry is ahead of push in the latest day of polling from Rasmussen.

Poll-induced panic is always a threat to a campaign. So before all the Democrats stick their heads in the oven over the Time and Newsweek polls, take a look at what Rasmussen’s robots are doing. Bush jumped to a four-point lead during the convention, but that’s down to 1.2% today, which if my arithmetic is right means that the latest day of polling (Rasmussen reports a three-day moving average) must have had Kerry back in the lead. Now that Rasmussen’s daily sample size is up to 1000, those one-day figures can be taken a little bit seriously.

No doubt the picture is grimmer now than it was a month ago: the Republicans did will at counterpunching during the Democratic convention, and we didn’t return the favor. But now is not the time to get discouraged or to start recriminating.

Don’t mourn, organize!

Author: Mark Kleiman

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