Senatorial Polls

By contrast to the evidence below, polls on Senatorial popularity are almost mind-numbingly positive. Only 3 Senators have a net negative popularity rating: Rick Santorum (-14); Conrad Burns (-13); Jim Bunning (-1). Only 11 Senators have net positive popularity ratings of 5 or under: Jon Kyl (3); Wayne Allard (1); Mel Martinez (0); Debbie Stabenow (2); Mark Dayton (2); Jim Talent (5); Frank Lautenberg (0); Robert Menendez (0); Richard Burr (2); George Voinovich (2); John Cornyn (3). Of those 14 Senators, 10 are Republican. A lot of these are in swing states, but that doesn’t explain everything–especial John Cornyn’s especially unimpressive ratings.

Author: Steven M. Teles

Steven Teles is a Visiting Fellow at the Yale Center for the Study of American Politics. He is the author of Whose Welfare? AFDC and Elite Politics (University Press of Kansas), and co-editor of Ethnicity, Social Mobility and Public Policy (Cambridge). He is currently completing a book on the evolution of the conservative legal movement, co-editing a book on conservatism and American Political Development, and beginning a project on integrating political analysis into policy analysis. He has also written journal articles and book chapters on international free market think tanks, normative issues in policy analysis, pensions and affirmative action policy in Britain, US-China policy and federalism. He has taught at Brandeis, Boston University, Holy Cross, and Hamilton colleges, and been a research fellow at Harvard, Princeton and the University of London.

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