Self-reliance …

… doesn’t seem to be one of the “family values” John McCain wants to uphold.

… is one of the great American values. As reader Bryan Erickson notes, only one of this year’s Presidential candidates believes in it:

I think it’s highly revealing that with the tire gauges, Mr. Obama was pointing out that he envisions a government that does not try to do everything for you, that has a proper role that complements what the self-reliant American people are able to do for themselves to solve the urgent problems they face.

On the other hand, McCain mocked the idea of individual Americans taking what steps they could on their own to address pressing problems, and instead made clear that his and the GOP’s vision of government now is one of an all-encompassing nanny state, where we all sit around and wait only for whatever steps the government takes to address urgent problems facing our society.

I wish this narrative would get a lot of print as the lesson learned from this episode: Vote for the party of self-reliance and individual responsibility; vote Democratic.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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