Science censor quits NASA

The following two propositions have the same truth-value:
1. The Big Bang is merely an “opinion.”
2. George C. Deutsch has a B.A.

1. I’m delighted that the juvenile Bushoid yahoo at NASA who tried to bring Intelligent Design into cosmology had to quit after it came out that he’d padded his résumé with a B.A. he hadn’t actually received.

2. No, of course his dropping out of college to work for the Bush campaign, and then awarding himself a degree he hadn’t earned, isn’t the main issue.

3. Having a degree in journalism from Texas A&M is only marginally better qualification for supervising the websites of a scientific agency than not having one.

4. Padding your résumé for a federal job is a felony, and yes, people have been prosecuted for it.

5. The fact that Deutsch hadn’t graduated from Texas A&M was first reported by Nick Anthis at the Scientific Activist. Score one for the blogosphere. And kudos to New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin for mentioning both the blog and its author.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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