Sarah Palin’s “visit to Iraq”

… didn’t actually take her to Iraq.

… didn’t actually take her to, y’know … Iraq. Got to a border checkpoint, though.\

Again, none of this is her fault. There was no particular reason the Governor of Alaska, consumed with debating bed-and-breakfast regulation, bullying career officials and grabbing for pork, to visit Iraq at all.

But the guy running for President on the Republican ticket, and the goons he’s hired to run his campaign in their off-time from corporate lobbying, have been relentlessly lying about every aspect of Palin’s record. McCain’s rather fraught relationship with the truth is finally becoming a central issue in this campaign, as it deserves to be.

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” Great God, do I miss Pat Moynihan just about now!

Author: Mark Kleiman

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