Sarah Palin?

So it would appear; there must have been a leak, because InTrade suddenly has had her at 90 cents bid.

Uh-oh; Cindy better watch out. Another former beauty queen.

It’s OK, though. McCain and Palin are kindred spirits; Palin believes in abusing her official powers on behalf of family members, and then denying it.

Palin’s sister was in a nasty divorce/custody battle with a state trooper. Officials of her administration were caught on tape making at least two dozen phone calls to the head of the state police asking why the trooper hadn’t been fired, based on charges brought by the sister as part of the custody battle. Somehow, the head of the state police wound up getting fired. He alleges it was for not firing the trooper.

Gov. Palin insists that it was for “not being a team player,” and says she had no idea that her appointees were making phone calls about the matter. Seems that her appointees “did not speak for me.” Now that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

So John McCain once again proves that, whatever his supposed principles, he won’t stand up to Karl Rove and the Christian right when they start to apply the pressure.

And, Sen. McCain, Gov. Palin’s credentials to be Commander-in-Chief are … ?

Update Palin is still the betting favorite; apparently she’s flying to Dayton. But there’s a flurry of betting for Tom Ridge. After thinking about Palin for a couple of minutes, the thought that McCain might pick a person of substance seems like a relief. Could that have been the strategy?

Second update CNBC says it’s Palin.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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