Rudy Giuliani’s generosity

He “hates” abortion, and wrote a series of checks to Planned Parenthood. Most of us aren’t so generous to organizations that carry out actions we hate.

He “hates” abortion. Nonetheless, Giuliani and his (second) wife made a series of contributions to Planned Parenthood. I can reconcile thinking abortion is wrong &#8212 even hating it &#8212 with thinking there shouldn’t be laws against it. But it takes true greatness of spirit to voluntarily give money to support an activity you hate.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m delighted to find that his “pro-life” stance is just for show. But while generosity is a great virtue, honesty is another, and courage a third. Hitting .333 is great for a ballplayer. In real life, it’s not so hot.

Footnote Under the circumstances, telling what may be the truth &#8212 that Giuliani was just doing what his (then) wife wanted him to do, to keep peace in the family &#8212 isn’t really an option. That’s not a wife he wants the voters to be thinking about, and saying that he did what his wife told him to do doesn’t fit his I’m-the-alpha-male-of-this-pack macho persona.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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