Roundup Roundup

I think that source documents are important. That’s why I’ve taken to posting here court opinions that are reported on in the press.

I’ve just stumbled upon a website that posts court documents in the Monsanto Roundup litigation, both the federal multidistrict litigation and the state litigation that resulted in a $287 Million verdict against Monsanto.  The site is maintained by U.S. Right to Know which describes itself as “a nonprofit organization working for transparency and accountability in our nation’s food system. We research what goes on behind the scenes in the food industry.”  It is, of course, an organization with a point of view.  However, the selection of the postings on the Roundup litigation do not appear to be biased and there is a broad selection of the filings from both sides.  For instance, the jury instructions requested by Monsanto in the state litigation are posted as are the daily trial transcripts.

A side note:  U.S. Right to Know is also transparent with regard to where its funding comes from and where how it spends its money.


One thought on “Roundup Roundup”

  1. You seem like a nice person, with a lot of energy and an interest in all things legal.

    What is the deal with this Donziger business? I feel as though there is at least a faint fishy odor coming from the NY state bar disciplinary process, and yet, I have little time to investigate. One hates to be unfair or precipitate. One is also curious. One is also hoping *someone else* will get to the bottom of it.

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