4 thoughts on “Romney’s Swiss bank account: did he take amnesty?”

  1. But of course $3,000,000.00 isn’t very much money. I mean just the other day I found that much in change in my sofa that fell out of my pocket back in… well I can’t recall when. Who can keep track of such piddling amounts?

    1. Not only that, you don’t need a tax dodge for that loose change, either. Failure to disclose the money that falls in the cushions of your sofa is not considered tax evasion. You only have to declare what you *know* you have, not what you suspect you might have had before you misplaced it.

      1. Remember the Steve Martin bit (back when he still did stand up) where he claimed that “I FORGOT” is the universal excuse for everything we might do wrong.
        “Didn’t send in your tax returns? I FORGOT!”

  2. Whoo…this could be the one we’ve been waiting for.

    I’ve been less than impressed with Baingate and Mitt’s low tax-rate is no crime. But tax evasion’s a fairly solid disqualifier, no? Spiro went spiraling down for that I think. The field is so weak that he still might squeak out the Primaries, but he’ll be deeply wounded in the General.

    Tim Geithner takes a little bit of the edge off though.

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