Roid rage

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform fiddles while Washington burns.

I’m not interested in sports, and I don’t care whether professional baseball players take steroids. Congress attends to all sorts of matters that I don’t particularly care about, but (not being a solipsist) recognize as important and as their legitimate business. Steroids in baseball is, so far as I can tell, legitimately within the purview of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. As are thousands of other issues that they don’t hold hearings on, and hundreds which are addressed but not heavily covered in the press (and which don’t merit a report from George Mitchell—Northern Ireland, overamped pitchers, whatever). Throwing a dart at the Committee’s webpage would yield a more important story.

Maybe Helen Lovejoy is Henry Waxman’s constituent.

Update: A reader points out that Waxman regrets having held the hearing. Good for him.