Rick Perry’s Emerging Corruption Fund

The state of Texas made a $4.5 million investment in a firm whose founders had invested only $1000 of their own money. One of those founders had made a $75,000 political contribution to Rick Perry.

The Wall Street Journal has the details. A group of investors sinks $1000 into a start-up, and one of them sinks $75,000 into the Rick Perry campaign. The start-up – over the objections of the local panel that vetted its application – then got $4.5 million of Other People’s Money from a Perry Administration venture capital operation. Now that’s leverage.

I assume the White House political operation is paying attention. The most egregious unforced error of the Gore campaign in 2000 was its failure to do due diligence on Texas. If a governor or former governor is the Republican nominee this time around – as seems likely – the Democrats can’t afford another such mistake. Think “Willy Horton” and “Boston Harbor.” If it’s Perry, let’s mess with Texas.

Footnote Good to see that the WSJ hasn’t been full Murdochized: or perhaps ol’ Rupe has decided to ride with Romney. The story does have a rather predictable spin: Perry’s corruption is supposed to demonstrate that a state-run high-tech VC fund is a bad idea. That may be true, but the fact that Perry ran a crooked game doesn’t prove that it’s impossible to run an honest game.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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12 thoughts on “Rick Perry’s Emerging Corruption Fund”

  1. The Journal is following the lead of the Dallas Morning News, which has been all over this story:

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  2. So to hear Perry tell it, it isn’t enough anymore to merely give tax incentives if we want to keep the peons working. Now we have to pay the landowners to till their own land!

  3. I have a feeling this guy’s “sunlight potential” is out of this world. One day has lapsed since his official announcement and I’ve already learned of 2 scandals connected to him.

  4. Of course it’s not impossible for a state-run VC fund to be run honestly. Look at Singapore’s Temasek. Although its CEO, IIRC, is the Prime Minister’s wife. (Disclaimer to appropriate officials: I have no assets in Singapore, so a libel suit isn’t worth it.)

  5. They should follow the money on the Thrombovision banckruptcy – did Perry’s supporters use their influence to pull their investment money out and leave taxpayers holding the bag?

    And to be fair, WSJ never described the overall performance of the fund, something that I’d consider relevant.

  6. And to be fair, WSJ never described the overall performance of the fund

    Actually, it kind of did. It said that (17+27) million had been spent corruptly, that it was funded with 200 million and has 140 million left. So that’s 60 million spent with ~72% of it spent corruptly.

  7. Eh, George Dubya engaged in blatant insider trading to parachute free with his I’ll-gotten gains intact as the meal ticket his daddy’s friends had arranged for him was about to go down in flames, and not only escaped meaningful SEC inquiry but also any public-image repercussions when he ran for Prez. And that was a matter of putting money in his own personal pocket, not his backers’ pockets. Of course, with Dubya it was the money of suckers in the stock market, not taxpayer funds as with Perry, so I suppose we can hope things will be different this time. But I’m not holding my breath.

  8. This may not harm him with the Tea Party, but the Gardasil order may create problems; the gummint making sixth grade girls get vaccinated against HPV just cannot be all that popular even with them. http://governor.state.tx.us/news/executive-order/3455/ has the text of the order from 2007. The potential for exemption on the basis of conscience is not likely to eliminate the problem for Perry. There may be no need for the Obama team to lift a finger if the righties get there first.

  9. What makes you think this story shows the WSJ isn’t Murdochized? This is what’s called innoculation – put the story out there early so that, when asked, the candidate’s surrogates can say, “This is more old news that’s already been addressed.” Even if it never actually is addressed.

    Do not underestimate Rick Perry’s handlers – they are top notch.

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