Republican attitudes toward vote fraud

Bad in Venezuela, good in Afghanistan, good in the USA, especially of course in Florida.

What does God’s Official Party think about election fraud? The evidence is mixed:

1. They’re against it in Venezuela. John Lott thinks that the Chavez recall vote was tainted by fraud, pointing out that touch-screen machine counts are easy to fake, and that no audit was done despite the fact that Venezuela’s machines produced an auditable paper trail.

2. They’re for it in the United States, where the companies installing touch-screen machines without paper trails have Republican connections. At least, Rush Holt can’t get a single Republican co-sponsor for his bill requiring auditable systems.

3. They’re especially strongly for it in Florida, where Governor Bush’s appointed Secretary of State plans to ignore the finding of an administrative law judge that the state law requiring manual recounts in some cases means what it says. The Secretary issued an order forbidding manual recounts where touch-screen machines are used. the ALJ said no. The Secretary plans to sidestep the ruling by appealing it through the courts, stalling the case past November’s election.

4. And they’re for it in Afghanistan, or at least delighted to learn than Afghanistan has more registered voters than it has citizens eligible to vote.

Is that clear?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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