John Cole on the Republican Party:
I can’t believe I ever voted for these people.

John Cole, a libertarian-leaning conservative and a fairly loyal Republican until the Schiavo affair enlightened him, reviews the latest bunch of GOP outrages and remarks:

I can’t believe I ever voted for these people.

My hope is that a lot of people are feeling that way about now, and will keep feeling that way. George W. Bush is now doing for the Republican Party and conservatism what Jimmy Carter did for the Democratic Party and liberalism: he’s making people not just dislike a party and its core ideology, but wonder about the intelligence and the morals of anyone who supports them. That effect, if it sticks, could be much more important than the number of seats the Democrats gain.

Footnote John is also displeased with his old ally Glenn Reynolds.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. My one hesitation about wanting John Kerry to win in 2004 was that the world that he would inherit would be a mess with a Republican Congress to blame it on him. The opportunity presented by a Kerry loss may be coming to fruition, that is that we may now be approaching major realignment elections in 2006 and 2008. Lets hope so.

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